Displaying Data - Best way to show a large amount of over/under hours (Pivot)

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I have a large amount of data (15000+ entries). I am trying to show a way to display those that have worked less than 50 hours and less than 100 hours YTD. I have conditional formatting applied, but can't seem to find how to tweak a pivot table to show this info in the best way. I would be open to another method as well. 


ZoneRegionLocation IDEmployee IDHire DateHours - Last 30 DaysHours - YTD 
CentralAsheville10  0708.97
CentralAsheville10  13.2207.22
CentralAsheville10  3.9251.69
CentralAtlanta11  021.07
CentralAtlanta11  8.479.74


I would need to be able to show by Zone, region, and location ID quickly to filter down. Right now I have the pivot showing 'Sum of Hours - YTD'.

So, is there a way to filter the 'Sum of Hours - YTD' to only show those under 50 hours in a pivot?



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Yes, you can filter the ‘Sum of Hours - YTD’ to only show those under 50 hours in a pivot table. Here’s how you can do it:

Click on the drop-down arrow of the ‘Sum of Hours - YTD’ field in your pivot table.

Select Value Filters.

From the options, select Less Than.

In the dialog box that appears, enter 50 and click OK

This will filter your pivot table to only show rows where the ‘Sum of Hours - YTD’ is less than 50.

For displaying those that have worked less than 100 hours YTD, you can repeat the process but enter 100 in step 4 instead

Remember, this method filters the pivot table based on the sum of hours, not individual entries. If you want to filter based on individual entries, you might need to use a different method