Display the amount ( value K€ ) according to several criteria

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Hello to all,

I would like to find the formula that based on the quotes I would add in spreadsheet 1 ( 2nd chart ) will automatically enter the value ( amount ) in spreadsheet 2 ( 1st chart ) following these criteria please : 

- Type : Elec or AC or Masonry or Plumbing and...
- Category : 'Gros oeuvre" in blue

-> All defined by Hub ( Wh ). 

I hope I was clear enough in my wording. 

Thank you in advance for your valuable help. 

Kind regards, and have a nice day 


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Does anyone have any insights please?
I've tried a lot of things, but not being very familiar with the tool, I'm stuck...
Thanks in advance


See attached file. Maybe this is what you are looking for.

Thanks for your feedback @Quadruple_Pawn.
Unfortunately, it doesn't answer my request.

If we take for criterion column Type ( Elec or Plumbing or Air Conditioning or Mansory, etc... and column category "Gros oeuvre" only associated ( table 2 ), display the amount that will be entered directly in table 1.

Ex :

Table 2 :
Hub: mpl-chaptal; Type = Elec; Category = Gros oeuvre ; Amount = 4

Auto result table 1 :

At the intersection of mpl-chaptal and electricty, let the value 4 from above be returned and so on for each Type as soon as the category "Gros oeuvre" is chosen.

I don't know if I am clearer this way
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See attached file. I hope this is what you are looking for.

Excellent, it works!
Thanks a lot @Quadruple_Pawn 
Could you please explain the logic behind it with the formulas?