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The attached screenshot is a performance table of 3 Students. Column A consist names of Students. Row 1 consist different performance parameters. The spreadsheet was shared with 5 Teachers and asked to update each cell with ratings 1-5.
All the 5 Teachers have updated the ratings and shared their respective sheets.
Task is to collate the ratings of all the teachers and display together. Also average ratings of all the ratings received from Teachers.
How to accomplish this task in Excel?
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In the picture I see three students and three columns for teachers, not five.

You send a picture, why?

Better said, why should I create a file with what you probably mean.

Why not make a file (without sensitive data) with what you mean exactly.

This could help you faster.


Thank you for your patience and understanding



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@kiranpoojari If you can copy all the teachers worksheets (or workbooks) into one worksheet, you could fairly easily summarise the score per student using SUMIF as demonstrated in the attached workbook.


However, if your real situation isn't just limited to three students and five teachers, and if you are not on a Mac, you might consider looking into Power Query.