Display leader board information based on list of players and scores in columns A & B

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[I apologize if this is a duplicate post. I tried to post it earlier, but did not see it among the active topics.]


My game store runs weekly leagues. We keep scores in spreadsheets, and summarize each week on a summary tab/sheet. I want to display leader board lists on the same sheet, using the summary information that appears there. For this example, assume players are in Column A, scores are in Column B.


A (Player)   B (Score)

Anna           15

Bill               12

Carrie           17

Don              9



Ideally, I'd want to see the leaderboard list the player names and scores in descending order by score. This will give the league organizer a block of cells that can be copied and pasted into league updates and slides.


XA (Rank)  XB (Player)  XC (Score)

1                Carrie          17

2                Anna           15

3                Bill               12

4                Don             9

5                Etc...



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