Display/hide rows based on dropdown list

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Good day folks, I have data in the worksheet as per the following:


Introduction (Row 1 to 9)

City of Toronto (Row 10-19)

City of Winnipeg(Row20-29)

City of Vancouver(Row 30-39)

City of Montreal (Row 40-49)

City of Calgary (Row 50-59)

Ending statement (Row 60)


There are various data pertaining to each city from column A to Colum J.


There is a dropdown in D3 with city names as stated above. I would like to keep rows 10 to 60 hidden by default if no option is selected in cell D3. 


If I select "City of Toronto" then only rows 10-19 should appear, the rest can stay invisible. If I select option "City of Montreal" then only it should show only rows 40-49.


Row 1 to 9 can stay visible all the time.


Any help achieving this would be highly appreciated.


Thank you so much in advance.




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I suggest you turn it into a table and use a filter or slicer.
Another option would be to create a pivot table and use a filter field
and lastly you could 'hide' all the data either in hidden rows or even on another sheet and then use FILTER() to pull and show the relevant data.

@mtarler Thanks, but only data extraction won't work because all different cities have different formatting of data and it's actually a fillable form designed differently for each city.

I want users to select the city and see the appropriate form.