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Since the last time I posed a question it made a task numerous hours shorter, I'm here again with another question.

At our company, everyone is able to change the records in our database. To our annoyance, this means they often change things they shouldn't. Since changes that do need to happen also happen often, we can't just reverse the database to an older version when they do end up changing stuff.

Is there a way to check the 2 database files and display every item that was changed, removed or added and its 2 different versions?

The fixed values of each row are "ontvanger", "kostenplaats" and "locatie - niveau 1".

The file needs to display the 2 versions of data after changes in the following data:

  • "Artikel"
  • "Artikelomschrijving"
  • "Maximale hoeveelheid"
  • "Reservehoevh. Eenheid"
  • "locatie - niveau 2"
  • "locatie - niveau 3"
  • "locatie - niveau 4"

If a certain article number ("Artikel") gets removed out of a location or when a new one gets placed there, this needs to be displayed as well. 

In the attachment you'll find a file with 2 versions of our database with the item description deleted for obvious reasons. When filtering the first column (ontvanger) to "CDC-BERG", you'll see that 142 article numbers have been added.

In the entire file, some rows have been changed, some have been deleted and some have been added. All this needs to be displayed properly. Is there anyone who knows the best way to do this? Many thanks in advance as this would make my work a whole lot faster and pleasant. 

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@Robinazer Power query can identify all entries delete from Old, Added to and/or changed in New.

Are you familiar with Power query?

@Riny_van_Eekelen I am not familiar with it, but I'm going to take a look at it. Thanks for telling me!