Disable "save as" defaulting to OneDrive, but do not disable OneDrive - possible?

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Today I had hundreds of users, including me being admin, being furious beyond imagination for following change which the last "slow ring" office brought along:

You open a document from a network drive, my documents or desktop.

You click "save as", and instead of defaulting to the path where the original document came from it defaults to onedrive. Every time. The amount of tickets from users missing their files they just saved is enormous.

Since Winword 2.0 and Excel 3.0, both from 1991 where I used them the first time, the default of "save as" was always where the original file opened came from.

How can we restore this original behaviour? We do NOT want to be Save-AS defaulting to a fixed place, like "my documents", we want the original behaviour, which we had over 30 years now, back. Can this be achieved? If you know please tell. We have to keep OneDrive, as optional save to place, just not as the default for any document.

To us this is the single worst most expensive and time consuming change ever Microsoft has done to Office. On top it is a data protection law issue.

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I would experiment with the settings on the Save tab of Excel's Options dialog. See if changing those get you where you want to be.
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Have the "Save to Computer by default" checked. That worked for me because I also spent way to much time stressing about this. 


Thank you, that combination of options does make it behave like before.
Now if only Microsoft, specifically some parts of it, would stop actively working against its customers where as other parts of Microsoft are working towards customers (hello kernel group, I talk about you!).

Not we only have to check the registry what got changed and GPO it.


It is this key:
located here:
The key works reversed to the options setting (set to 0 to check the box, set to 1 to uncheck it)