Disable "Create a Copy" (Recovery file and Blocked by another user)

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I have several workstations, where each station captures information on its own excel file. These files are saved through SharePoint. The information is later imported into another database, therefore, it is very important that the information is saved in the shared file.


The people who are capturing the information have limited experience with excel and are prone to many mistakes. Therefore, I am trying to reduce the probability of an error happening.


One of the recurring mistakes is creating a copy of the original file. This copy is created locally, therefore I can not access the information. I want to disable the possibility of creating a copy of the file.


These copies are created in two ways:

1.  File is in use. I prefer that they wait and notify that another user has the file open, rather than them creating a copy. Is there a way to disable the option "Save and edit a copy of the file"?



2. Recovery file.

Sometimes excel recommends opening a recovery file, which also creates a copy. I am using macros to capture the information. Each time a capture is made, the file saves automatically, therefore I am not interested in opening a recovery file. Is there a way to disable recovery files?



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