Disable all automatic conversion in Excel

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Hello Everyone!

I would like to disable all the automatic conversions in Excel.

What I mean is that if I type in something I would like that it would look exactly how I typed it.


  • I type this: 10001 123 and this is what I get: 10001123. 
  • I type this: 5-5 and I get this: 05-May
  • I type 12000929837 723200000000 and I get: 1,20009298377232E+22

I understand that I can place the apostrophe in the beginning of each value but I would be much happier if I would need to place that apostrophe in case I want that Excel would convert my number or my text.
So my question is that is there any ways I could disable this conversion feature for the whole application permanently and not only for certain cells for certain work sessions?


Thank you for all the help.

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Nope, that is not possible. Either format the cells as Text before entering data, or prefix the values with an apostrophe.

Hi @Hans Vogelaar!


Thank you for prompt reply.

It is a sad day for those who wanted to like Excel but due to its stubborn behavior cannot. 

That's insane! On open Excel converts documents previously exported to CSV from other sources and makes them unreadable, due to this automatic conversion of numbers to Scientific format and there is no way of retrieving them (like to personal numbers used in Sweden or telephone numbers or any other longer numerical code). How were you thinking, Microsoft? Can I disable that generally in my Excel program so that doesn't happen automatically when in Excel opening documents from other programs?