Difficult Formula Help Please

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Hi all,


I am in need of some help with the sheet attached. All of my questions are on the 2 tabs on my sheet. I am still learning the basics of excel so any help would be greatly appreciated.


I tried to explain the things I am trying to do in the sheet as much as possible, so if anything doesn't make sense, I am more then willing to answer any questions about them.

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Hi @T-Meyers,

Take a look at this. I think there's more work to be done but it's a start.

In sheet "reorder insert" column K and L are essentially the same. Or I missed something in your explanations.

I took the liberty to add a conditional formatting in sheet "Break down" so you can quickly spot your numbers in the grid.

I added a few examples for testing, take a look and let me know if you need any fine tuning.


@Bennadeau  I really appreciate your time helping me with this. I updated the same file with some questions highlighted in YELLOW. Some formulas were not working with come cells. As well I need some additional formulas if you know any that can help.


Please see attached again when you have time.


Thank you again. 


Can I get a free case of T-shirt when I'm done with this? lol!

Look at the attached. I fixed the issues you were having on the first 3 tabs.

For the last two tabs, I need to put a bit more thinking. If I got it right, you want a summary for Gildan only and another one for US apparel only. Correct? 

Correct, I will be adding more brands to the list but if i have a template formula i can just copy it. Again I really do appreciate your help. Its hard to teach myself and work through my. Cant learn at home without excel as well.


Take a look at this updated version.

In Sheet "US apparel Reorder Sheet" I made some modifications. All you need to do is input every possible codes (this will take time, I hope you have a list already) in column "A" (e.g. BLT0519-1-WCRL-S) and the remaining cells (style, description, color, grade and size) will fill out automatically. Then, if that code has an order quantity associated to it, it will add it at the end. I assumed you wanted to know how many cases needed to be order for each code but you can easily change that for the number of actual T-shirt will be ordered.

If that suits your needs, you can use that sheet as a template for any brand you add.