Different Cells data into One for a specie ID based cells

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See the attached sample workbook.

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thank you soo much for your effort.
it is really helpfull

I'm able to use the formula you provided, but need to convert the numbers back to dates.  For example, the 6 digit number in the first column is correct, but the 5 digit number in the second column needs to be in mm/dd/yyyy format. Here's your formula for reference. Thank you!

 =IF($B116=$B115,"",TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,IF($B:$B=$B116,C:C,""))) 
43389944245, 44244

@Hans Vogelaar 


Use something like the following, adjusting the ranges:

=IF($A2=$A1,"",TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,IF($A$2:$A$11=$A2,TEXT(C$2:C$11,"mm/dd/yyyy"),"")))

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