Did an Office update this month, disable OLE?

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We have been getting MS Office update patches recently, one on 3/13/23 and one today 3/28/23. I have some simple Excel tables (in an Excel workbook on our SharePoint site) which I linked/embedded in a PowerPoint file in the same folder on our SharePoint site. Before 3/13/23, it all worked fine. If I had both open, I could change a value in the Excel table and I'd instantly see the value change in that pasted table in the PowerPoint file. (Nice!). Than our systems got the "update" on 3/13. Then the values not only did not update automatically - I could not even get them to update if I manually selected "Update Link" after selecting the table in the PowerPoint file. I had to manually re-paste/re-embed the linked tables into the PowerPoint file. (PAIN). Then oddly, everything was fine again yesterday 3/27/23 - all the linked cells would again update instantly by themselves. But now again today - we got another MS Office update applied - and now it appears OLE is again broken. I've rebooted, and made sure all available patches are applied (I do not have admin rights on this work PC). What's happening?

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