Diagram stops actualizing


I am using Microsoft 365 on a Windows 10 computer. In Excel I have a table and an associated line diagram. In the table there is one number entry for each day.


On clicking onto the data line in the diagram its formula is shown as 


=DATENREIHE("Gewicht JCZ";;JCZ!$L$8:$L$3284;8)


Since a few days ago the diagram has stopped actualizing. The daily entries are simply not shown in the diagram.


Trying to find a cause I have used the Windows File History and restored the file for the last day the diagram had worked. The formula for the diagram is exactly the same and I can vary the daily entries up and down at will with the diagram faithfully following up.


Nothing has been changed on my computer sincd the problem started.


Does anybody know who I could get things working again?


Thanks in advance,



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