Determine if value is multiple cells appears on table and return VLOOKUP on that table

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Greetings, I'm stuck on a difficult need that I know MS Excel can deliver, but I'm not the excel wizard that many here are, so I'm grateful for any insight or advice you can give. 


Desired Workflow with example cells:

  1. User enters numeric value in A2 and F2. 
  2. Excel checks to see if the value in A2 or F2 are in tbl_warnings. 
    1. If A2 or F2 appear in tbl_warnings:
      1. return VLOOKUP (cell, tbl_warnings, 2, FALSE) in G2
    2. Else ""

Basically I'm making a form that will identify risky behaviors while users enter the requests based on a table instead of static values, and then return any warnings from the table in another cell on the same row. 


Again, I greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide, and thank you for taking the time out to help others. 

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@Matt Johnson try below: