designing your own number formats, don't work

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in four blank cells, i entered 1200 in the cell A1, i entered -8000 in the second cell A2, i entered 0 in the third cell A3 and i entered the text Hello There! in the cell A4.

Then i selected all four cells as a range. I open the format cells dialog box by pressing ctrl+1, and i selected the Number tab and number in the category list. Whereupon i click the #,##0_);[Red](#,##0) code in the custom Category Type list box, and then i edited as follows: [Blue]#,##0_);[Red](#,##0);[Green];[Cyan]. And then i clicked OK. But it appaered me the following message  (see the screenshot). How can i fix this


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What do you see when you open the attached workbook?

i see 1,200 blue, i see (8000) in red, i see the 0 in green and i see the text Hello in cyan. But why did you ask this question? i don't understand, what you want to say me.


Just copy/paste format string which @Hans Vogelaar  suggested from his file. Typing manually perhaps you shall use semicolons instead of commas, depends on your regional settings.

Which setting should i change? I am reading the excel 2019 all-in-one foer dummies i copy the formula, i wrote above, as it's written in the book, namely, [Blue]#,##0_);[Red](#,##0);[Green];[Cyan].


Select the cell.

Press Ctrl+1.

If necessary, activate the Number tab.

Select the custom format string in the Type box, and copy it (Ctrl+C).


Do the same in your own workbook, but paste (Ctrl+V) instead of copy.

i fix the problem.