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Screenshot 2022-04-20 15.57.16.pngHey, i am trying to do a descriptive analysis on a dataset, but it says input data contains non-numerical data which is somewhat accurate because some of the part i am selecting has no input of data should i merely leave this file, or is there  way for me to still do this descriptive data is it as simple as just writing the number 0 instead of whats been presented thanks, the image should perhaps give a better clarity. 


Screenshot 2022-04-20 15.43.16.pngScreenshot 2022-04-20 15.43.23.png

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Perhaps replace all the dashes with nothing (Home tab, Find & Select, Replace) before doing the stats?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 


Hey, Jan That was a good idea, although perhaps because i didn't show this specific picture but it essentially represents, something i can maybe ignore the dash, but the stars, not sure, is there a numerical way or is this data something i shouldn't try to do a descriptive statistics on.


And also, assuming i am able to do so, there is quite a bit of data that i would like to do a descriptive statistics on, is there a way to organise it better, i.e. not in separate sheets, etc. and is there a way to make it even faster?


Or are there certain, datasets that make sense to use descriptive statistics on?Screenshot 2022-04-21 15.25.39.pngScreenshot 2022-04-21 15.34.22.png

Is the data layout of all those tabs identical? Perhaps this gives you some pointers: