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Is it possible to connect 3 dropdowns with each other. Independence.

Field 1 has as dropdown values = Cat1 / Cat2 / Cat3
Field 2 : of which the value depends on what chosen in field 1 (Step1.CAT1 / Step2.CAT1 / Step3/CAT3)
Field 3: the value of this field depends on what is selected in field 1 and field 2

I get this done with dget but disadvantage of this is that I cannot copy it to multiple lines.

Thanks in advance.


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See the attached workbook for a small example

Thanks a lot !
Would it also be possible that the third field is filled in automatically based on the value in field2


Here is an example, I don't know if it fits ... to be honest I haven't read everything

... well maybe that helps too :)).


Thank you for your understanding and patience


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So in fact, you want two drop downs plus one value depending on those.

Here is a modified example.