Deleting unwanted rows and columns

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Could someone please tell me the simplest way to delete the unwanted rows and columns at the end of spreadsheets and just to save the the ones I need? Thank you.

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Hello @chipg900,


There are several ways to remove unwanted rows and columns in excel. The method that you choose may depend on what rows and columns you wish to remove. Here are a few ways to remove rows and columns in excel:


  1. Right-click a row number or column letter in the rows/columns bar. Select delete.
  2. Select a row/column that you would like to remove. Go to the Home tab, under "Cells" select "Delete".
  3. Select a row/column that you would like to remove. Press Ctrl+"-".
I've a similar question, only it doesn't involve deleting data (rows or columns), but deleting whatever I need to to reset the the location of 'Cntrl-End'. I'd like to go to the end of my working area, not the last cell touched that is farthest away from A1.
The article you pointed me to is exactly what I was after ... However, after following the steps described in the article, my spreadsheet ballooned from 3700KB to 46,000KB, with no change in the location of Cntrl-END.

Update: I repeated the procedure, this time adding the steps of deleting the unused rows and columns, then exiting. This shrunk the file down to its original size, but still hasn't moved the Cntrl-End location.



Can you please share a sample file so that I can facilitate testing?

Is there a way to send you the file without it being posted for the whole world to see?
I would recommend removing any sensitive information or replacing it with dummy data and attaching it as a reply to this thread.



I deleted all tabs except the one of concern. That generated some #REF! errors that can be ignored with respect to the Cntrl-End problem.


Thanks ...




For some reason, copying and pasting the data into a new tab resets the last used cell. To do this:

  1. Start in cell A1
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow+Down Arrow
  3. Ctrl + C
  4. Insert a new worksheet and Ctrl + P to paste data starting in cell A1
  5. Press Ctrl + End to ensure that this takes you to the last used cell
But won't that break all the formula on the other sheets (which were deleted to send you the sample data) that refer to the existing tab and table?
Thanks ... I followed the instructions in the article, but there is no "Inquire" options under COM Add-Ins.