Deleting mega-rows

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I have an excel spreadsheet that has data in the first two pages based on my sheet size, etc.  When I go to print the file, the print screen shows that I have 133 pages to print!  Well that just ain't so.  How can I delete the lower 131 pages?  I tried to do them by highlighting the rows or going to the bottom and dragging the solid blue line up but that is way too slow.  Even If I could delete 30 rows, they would show back up when I went to print them again.  Something is off with either the formatting or the gremlins got me again!

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First, back up your file in case you inadvertently delete something you need.

You could try selecting an entire empty row just below your actual data, then hit Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow, then on the Home tab click Clear/Clear All. Same thing with the columns, but using Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow. Then save the file.