Delete Millian blank rows in Excel 2016

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        I want to delete the million blank rows in one sheet in my excel file to control the size of the file.

        I have tried to clear all and delete these rows, then save and reopen. it isn't work. the vertical scroll bar still shows these are million rows.

       please advice how to deal with it.


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Hi! I suggest , you should start with a new workbook, then go to the Data Tab. Select importing with an excel power query or a power pivot. Import your issued workbook in this query. See the videos how to filter only the populated ( not empty) fields. Export your result to new table/workbook after filtering. Or try out making a database from it with MS Access for future tasks. Millions of rows are not performant content for excel. Go get it into a database, I recommend. Greets, Eva

Click Ctrl+End, you will be at the end of your former range. Select all rows from your data end till that place, After that on ribbon Home->Clear-Clear All (that icon is on the right site of the ribbon).


Save your file (or reopen with saving). Click Ctrl+End again to check if helped.