Delete hidden quotations from concat formula

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Hi, im using concat function to merge between "Hlookup" & column Name  so i can choose different column every time

the problem is when i use concat function it returns column name rounded with tow hidden quotes that doesn't appear unless i use the whole formula in Countifs formula ( using Fn+F9 to show results), i need to remove these hidden quotes ("") , 

i tried every solution (Substitute,mid,indirect,replace,textjoin ...) but they all bring back hidden quotes also ..



Any urgent help please

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I suspect that INDIRECT would do what you want, but:

Could you attach a small sample workbook demonstrating the problem (without sensitive data), or if that is not possible, make it available through OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar?

=COUNTIFS(StaffTBL[Position],"Head Teacher",StaffTBL[Gender],"MALE",StaffTBL[Dec-2022],"Active")

StaffTBL: Table Name

Position, Gender, Dec-2022: Columns Name

i want to change the selection of the month column according to the current month , i have column for months (Sep-2022,Oct-2022,.....Jul-2023) , i  used countifs as shown above and i tried to change month column dynamically by using Hlookup formula inside countifs formula , and it worked ,but when the Hlookup brings column name  it keeps put hidden quotes ("" "") at first and end of column name, if U use hlookup separately it will bring correct column name but when i put it inside countifs it brings column name as  "StaffTBL[Dec-2022]"


Does this do what you want?


=COUNTIFS(StaffTBL[Position],"Head Teacher",StaffTBL[Gender],"MALE",INDIRECT("StaffTBL["&TEXT(TODAY(),"mmm-yyyy")&"]"),"Active")


Hi ,thanks for responding anyway but its not what i need , u cant use (today)..



So what do you want to use instead?