Delete Excess columns and rows

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I have an excel file with multiple sheets in the workbook. Everyone one of the sheets goes up to column XFD and row 1048576. I have tried to the clear all option, and saved the file after this but nothing changes. I have tried deleting the rows and columns, but they still remain. Any idea how to delete all these Rows and Columns that are useless?

When I add a new sheet to the workbook, it automatically creates a large sheet going up to column XFD and row 1048576.


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Hi @Maneshb 


Try this solution from a previous post to Hide the columns instead.


Hope that does the trick.




As of April 2022, i see a delete button, is this a new feature relative to this question?


Not sure which button you mean, but nope - we can't change sheet dimensions, we may only to hide unused rows and columns.