Delete entire row after the first occurrence of a value in the a column?

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I have a list of phone calls. All the phone numbers are in the A column

I just want the first occurrence tracked o the spreadsheet - e.g.

A1 555-1212

a2 555-1414

A3 555-1414

A4 555-1818

A5 555-1212

A6 555-1414

A7 555-1818

A8 555-9999

would just have the following rows when the formula was complete

A1 555-1212

A2 555-1414

A3 555-1818

A4 555-9999

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@Boe Dillard 

You can enter this formula in cell B1 and fill it down.


Then this formula in cell C1 spills the results.


delete after first occurrence.png

Thanks - the Remove Duplicates button solved it for me. But that looks good as well.