Delete a shortcut key??

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I recently purchased a Surface Pro 7 and have an old Dell. The Dell had a 'problem' in Excel that whenever I hit the "/" key it would initiate a shortcut, I think, where the "/" was not entered and the screen took on this appearance----


Note the MANY black boxes in the area at the top of the screen filled with digits and letters!!! I lived with it as I figured that I must have inadvertently created some kind of shortcut. Wondered if it would happen on my new computer. Now on my new Surface of which I signed up to the Microsoft One and am using a cloud version of Excel, the same thing happens when I strike the "/" key???? Does it in transferred documents and in new ones I've created quite simply to see if it occurred in newly created docs. Can I get my front slash back?? What do I need to do?? Am 70 years young and would like some assistance in trying to recover the '/' .......... tired of copying and pasting!!!



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Select File > Options.

Select Advanced in the navigation pane on the left.

Scroll all the way down.

Make sure that the check box in the section "Lotus compatibility" is NOT ticked.


@Hans Vogelaar THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THAT!!! I truly appreciate your help and as you already are aware --- it worked like a charm.