Definition of PERCENTILE.EXC (in german QUANTIL.EXKL) and related function

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I think that the description of the PERCENTILE.EXC (QUANTIL.EXKL in german) is not right (at (in german at


In my opinion, PERCENTILE.EXC uses multiples of 1/(n+1) for the interpolation in contrast to PERCENTILE.INC, which uses multiples of 1/(n-1).

In the description of PERCENTILE.EXC (QUANTIL.EXKL), however, multiples of 1 / (n- 1) would lead to a false result, since there is a copy-paste error from .INC to .EXC?

(see also


In my calculated examples my hypothesis holds and the calculation for PERCENTILE.EXC would be for 0<p<1 the same as the definition in the Java Class Percentile (https:


Moreover, the definitions of QUARTILE.INC (in german QUARTILE.INKL) (interpolation via multiples of 1/(n-1)) and QUARTILE.EXC (in german QUARTILE.EXKL) (interpolation via 1/(n+1)) corresponds and are special cases for p=0.25 and p=0.75 of PERCENTILE.INC and PERCENTILE.EXC.


My question is: Am I right?

If not so: What is the definition of all these mentioned functions?


I would be glad about an answer for my doctoral thesis

Kind regards,

Tobias Wiernicki-Krips

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I've forwarded your question to the people in the Excel team responsible for the technical documentation.