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Hi everybody,

I am looking for a way to fill faster my formulary in excel by add a default item on a list.

I have already created a list of items.

On the formulary page, is it possible to have (for exemple) the first item of my list when I touch tab button on my keyboard? Like this I don't have to press with the mouse the button of the list to select the first item?

I wish my question is understandable, sorry for my english!


Thank you very much



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Attach your sample data and result to enable us to visualise your aim.




Thank you for your answers.

Here is an exemple of my question.

You ll see in "formulaire1" that I can choose "oui" ou "non" in the list "dicotomie".

I would like to have by default the first item of the list "dicotomie" when I press tab button in the formulary. If it s possible.

The finale aim is to be faster to fill the forms


Thanks you

By entering the first letter, Excel will guess the succeeding letters based on entries within the column. Then, you only have to press Enter without need to enter the succeeding letters.
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