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I would like to change the default date typing: I would like to type DD/MM/YY and have excel recognise it.

I had updated the laptop region but excel is still not recognising the above format. Is there a way to update the excel? 

I would also like to change the default currency to be other then $, can this be done?

I had both configurations on an old laptop and now I can't seem to update it on my new machine.


Thank you!


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If you are on Windows, both the date format and the default currency are controlled by the regional settings.

Click the Start button or press the Windows key.

Type Control Panel and press Enter.

Click Change date, time or number formats.

Click Additional settings...

You can specify your preferences in four tabs: Number, Currency, Time and Date.

For example on my PC:


You can select pre-defined settings from the drop-down lists, but you can also type your own preferred formats if they are not listed.