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I have a file with unique person ID's in the first column and different products that they have purchased in another column. I want to change the product descriptions so that they are not bucketed under one person ID but in separate rows containing that person's id number in the first column.  see attached file. Help would be appreciated

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Hey, if the values are seperated by the same delimiter you can try to automatically seperate them into different columns using this:

Hope it helps.
Hey thanks for the response. This splits texts into different columns. I need to split ROWS that are bucketed under one person id . i.e. now there is one row under 1 person ID with 3 different products listed. I need to turn that into 3 rows with the same person ID each containing one product
Hey, sorry for the misunderstanding. You could first split it into different columns, and then use the =TRANSPOSE() function to turn the different columns into rows. Third step would include copy&pasting in the transposed cells as values (copy, then right click and select the value paste option, see here:
and deleting the extra columns.
thanks for the additional response. This does not yield the desired outcome but I do thank you for responding
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@Rosanna985 Hi. It seems you have a static pivot table that you want to use as a merely normal data range? The empty cells have to be filled with the data/Person ID above..?


eg L6 shows A6 but J7 has to show J6 since A6 is empty?


J5 =IF(A5="",J4,A5)

Copy the to J5:N20

The value columns are not to be repeated and thus just fetching data in o5:Q20.

o5 =F5


If you want to get rid of the Total rows, there is an applied filter in S5



hi bosinander. The output is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you for laying out the steps you took to get there. Extremely helpful. Did not know the data was a static pivot table. Many thanks
You're welcome.