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Good day all  


I have tried so many variations and I just can't get it to work....I'm sure I'm overthinking it...LOL


I have a spreadsheet I created to track our service calls and when they were completed, billed and paid by our clients.


The first one I'm struggling with is to get rid of the #num error it is returning when I try to calculate the days between when the call was completed vs when we billed it out.  Ideally, it would return a "0".  I have tried:



it returns 0 for all!!  Not right!


the current formula entered (giving me the #num error you see in my screen shot) is:


=DATEDIF('Service Tracker '!$AE3,'Service Tracker '!$AI3,"d")




Once I get this one fixed....then the next issue  


thanks muchly for all your help!  

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One way:

OMG I think that one worked!!!! It gives me blanks instead of 0 but that is OK!!

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you!!!

Next one might be a bit more difficult .... but again, I could also be overthinking ... thread / question coming
You're welcome. You can change the "" with 0 or anything else. I suggested "" in case you would want to do i.e. an average on the column where you enter the formula
thank you!!