Dates not sorted chronically for all dates in cell

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Basically it seems to apply for some but not others. (I have uploaded just the affected section into a test document)


Basically no idea why it is not sorting all the dates chronically just it appears the first half of them.

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@PWWRB That's because the "dates" are in fact texts. Easiest would be to select the entire first column and use Text-to-columns on the Data ribbon to transform the texts to real dates. Click your way to Step 3 of 3 (step 1, Delimited, step 2 uncheck all delimiters) and select the data type Date with DMY specifying the format. Press finish and you are left with a column of real dates that will sort properly. Repeat for the second column.

I did change the column to date format though?
Never mind I see what you mean now.... its been a long day haha