Dates Formatting Will Not Update When Changed

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I am attempting to change the date format from the traditional U.S. date format (January 1, 2021) to MM/DD/YYYY (01/01/2021). When I select this, even under custom format, and apply to the selected cells, nothing happens. The only way I can get it to update is if I double click on the cell and hit enter. Any help regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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@NFMorgan Are you sure that the "dates" are real dates? I suspect that they are texts. Try entering a formula (anywhere) like =ISNUMBER(cell), where "cell" is a reference to a cell with a "date". If it returns FALSE, you are dealing with texts. No matter how you format these, they will always be texts and never convert till real date formats.

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That means the values are probably not 'real' dates but text values that look like dates.

Try the following:

  • Select the range with these 'dates'.
  • Press Alt+F11 to activate the Visual Basic Editor.
  • Press Ctrl+G to activate the Immediate window.
  • Type or copy/paste the following line:
Selection.Value = Selection.Value
  • With the insertion point anywhere in that line, press Enter.
  • Close the Visual Basic Editor.
  • Try changing the number format again.


Looks like I am dealing with text. Does this mean there is no way to rectify the issue? Is it possible that I could turn it into a value using the =VALUE(cell) function?
This worked perfectly, thank you very much!
I have no idea what any of that means (VERY basic Excel user here) but I had the exact same problem. I was trying to import bank transactions into Quick Books with a CSV file but the date format was wrong and created an error when attempting to upload the file. But the date style wouldn't change when trying to format the column. I followed your instructions (like I don't even know what Visual Basic Editor is or why it opened up with pressing Alt + F11) and it totally worked! Thank you for sharing your Excel sorcery skills!
Good evening, Ask Excel to consider your cells as number first
1) enter 1 in a cell
2) copy it
3) select your dates range
4) edit paste special multiply you obtain numbers
5) apply a date format
I don't understand why this works but wow does it ever! Thanks for posting this!