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Hello all, I'm creating an excel sheet to track poundage of food donated from my nonprofit.. What I need is how to put the dates in columns. But i need two of each date.. so like column A1 01/01/2019, column b1 01/01/2019, C1 01/02/2019, D1 01/02/2019, E1 01/03/2019, F1 01/03/2019 and so on.. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!



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Hi Travis,


You need to insert a starting date in cell A1, you can use this formula to do so:



Then, use this formula below in cell B1 and drag it to right to get the result as the screenshot below.


Duplicate dates twice.png




Hope that helps


@Haytham Amairah Thank you!! Very helpful I appreciate it!!

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