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I have many columns in my table that i want to calculate. and don't have the time to go one by one.

How do I apply the Dateif for the whole table in the same time?

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Date difference only works between two dates. How you will apply for many columns? Do you have any valid logic behind it?

Hi @sivan1985 

I assume that you already know how to use the function datadif.

To save time and repeat the formula for the whole column, you would just use the fill down the cells ( write the formula in the first cell, then select the cell, then move the curser on the right low corner until you see a plus sign click and drag down to copy the formula)



@Jihad Al-Jarady 


thank you for you good response

but what do I do after I drag the + until the end of the collumn? what then shoul I press?

each row in the column calculates 2 different dates