datedif when earlier date is 19th century

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datedif and "y" formula working with dates between 20th and 21st centuries, i.e. 1915 to 2005.  When used for dates between 19th and 20th centuries these is error "#value!"  i.e. 1889 to 1990.  Solution?

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Excel only handles dates from January 1, 1900. If you enter for example 01/01/1899 in a cell, you will see that it is left-aligned, indicating that Excel sees it as text instead of as a valid date.

If you want to perform calculations with dates before that, you could write user-defined functions (UDFs) in VBA. VBA handles older dates without problems.


Also see pre-1900 dates 


Just in case, Power Query also works with pre-1900 days.