Datedif function for duplicates

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Hi I'm trying an excel formula for the below. I need to find the difference of the highlighted dates for each ID in months. Thank you

IDStart DateEnd Date
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In D2:

=C2-MAXIFS($B$2:$B$100, $A$2:$A$100, A2)

Adjust the ranges if you have more than 100 rows of data.

@Hans Vogelaar Thank you - Is it possible to get the difference of the dates in months? right now it gives me a 0. For eg for ID 1 I want cell D2 to show 6


In months:


=DATEDIF(MAXIFS($B$2:$B$100, $A$2:$A$100, A2), C2, "m")

Thank you. This is now giving me a #Name error. Is there any issue with syntax? I understand datedif() takes in a start date, end date as arguments
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Which version of Excel do you use? MAXIFS is available in Office 2019, Office 2021 and Microsoft 365.

If you have an older version, try the following formula, confirmed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter:


=DATEDIF(MAX(IF($A$2:$A$100=A2, $B$2:$B$100)), C2, "m")

Thank you - I'm using the 2016 version let me try the latest one.