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When I enter 9/21/2021 it changes it to Sept-21.  Just started happening.  Any advise?


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That's a matter of formatting of the cell. Up in the "Home" toolbar, you should be readily able to change the date format to "Short Date"

  1. Highlight the cell or cells you want to work on.
  2. Then click on the small downward carat next to the word "Date"
  3. mathetes_0-1632238962727.png
  4. Then select "More Number Formats" down at the bottom of this screen
  5. mathetes_1-1632239013900.png
  6. Then "Date" from the category list on the left (it probably will appear as the default selection) and select the format you want.
  7. mathetes_2-1632239109300.png