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I want to calculate someone's age using their DOB and current time and date. 

=(YEAR(NOW())-YEAR(C150)) this formula does not take into account the current time or day. 

23/11/2013 is returning age 6 now, it should return 5 now.

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You can use the undocumented DATEDIF function to calculate age in years/months etc. To display just age in years, you could use:


To display the age in years, months and days, you could use something like:

=IF(DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"y")<>0,DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"y")&" years ","")&IF(DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"ym")<>0,DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"ym")&" months ","")&IF(DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"md")<>0,DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"md")&" days","")

 Hope that helped.



By the way, DATEDIF() is documented -


Another way is


and INT() it if only full years are required

I know that. What I meant was that it is undocumented inside the application.