Date sensitive pivot table

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I need to make a pivot table with this data: 


I need to have column A witch is the name of projects as columns, and i need to have CAPEX as values, but here is the tricky part, this values need to take into account the date, so for CAPEX 2024 i need to put money on the months that are in column g and h. 
Is pretty hard to explain so this is how it needs to look: 


I manage to do that by doing multiple pivot tables and copy paste one after another, there is another way? 

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@RaulCozma Can you share an Excel file with the start file and the intended result? Why can't you just put the year of the date field as a column?
the problem was that i had 3 columns with dates, and depending on the date i need i certain column (exemle. if the date in the column g is 2024 i need the number from c, if the date is 2025 i need the number from d) but i rezolve that with an if function, i could't make this with pivot unfortunately.

Hi @RaulCozma 


I  could't make this with pivot unfortunately





If interested let me know. Requires Excel > 2013/Windows or 365/MacOS