Date Range Series

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What do I do to drag a date range down by row to continue the series?



1/1/2021 - 1/7/2021

*Then whatever action I need to do to result in subsequent rows being:

1/8/2021 - 1/14/2021

1/15/2021 - 1/21/2021

1/22/2021 - 1/28/2021

1/29/2021 - 2/4/2021




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I'd use two columns.


For example, enter the start date 1/1/2021 in A1.

In A2, enter the formula = A1+7

Fill or copy down from A2 as far as needed.


In B1, enter the formula =TEXT(A1,"m/d/yyyy")&" - "&TEXT(A1+6,"m/d/yyyy")

Fill or copy down from B2 to the end of the data.


You might hide column A now, if you wish.