Date not showing slash(/) symbol


Hi everyone,


I'm currently using excel from office 365 lifetime version installed in pc. It seems that when I type a date, for example 01/01/2020, it will register as '1 01 2020'.


I have already tried deleting Microsoft office registy then reinstalling. Any suggestions on how to fix this so that it will show '01/01/2020'


Screenshot below.





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What is Windows short date format?

You may check by

Win+R control international

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Hello Joseph,

To use forward slash as your date separator, you have to make the changes on your laptop or computer. Do follow the steps below:

1. Type in Control Panel on your system
2. Under Clock and Region, click on Change date, time or number formats
3. Click on Additional Settings
4. Select Date tab
5. In the Date Formats section, clear what you have there and type in dd/mm/yyyy
5. Click OK and OK.

When you return to Excel, all the date with d mm yyyy will turn to dd/mm/yyyy

Do let me know how it pans out after following the steps



Thank you soo much.



You're welcome. Would appreciate you accept as the Best Response