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i type in 2/6/22 for Feb 6, 2022 the date change to June 2, 2022  in excel. I tried to change the format that did not help. I need help with this please.  It reads 2 as the date the 6 as month. How can I fix this?

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It depends on regional settings for your Windows/Mac/Web/Android, not sure on which platform you are.


Format a date the way you want

When you enter some text into a cell such as "2/2", Excel assumes that this is a date and formats it according to the default date setting in Control Panel. Excel might format it as "2-Feb". If you change your date setting in Control Panel, the default date format in Excel will change accordingly. If you don’t like the default date format, you can choose another date format in Excel, such as "February 2, 2012" or "2/2/12". You can also create your own custom format in Excel desktop.

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As Sergei Baklan has already informed you, please be more specific.

Windows version, Excel version, storage medium (OneDrive, hard drive, Sharepoint, etc.).

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Settings link/information for the regional settings in Windows.

Manage display language settings in Windows

Change the Windows regional settings to modify the appearance of some data types


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Hello, I am having an issue where with Windows 10 - 21H2 Build 19044.1645 and Microsoft 365 desktop. The issue that i have is that when i enter a date into a table, using 4/28 i get a short date that does not match the settings in the control panel. If i type 04/28/22 then is uses the control panel settings. in fact if i type 04/28/2022 it uses the short format 4/28/22. If i type April 4, 2022 it converts it to the short format. I have set the date format of the cells to be 4/1/22 so part of this makes sense. but, why does it not use the current year and respect the control panel setting when i enter 4/28? The KB article below states that that is what should be happening. But, alas, Microsoft again is assuming that it still works this way but either has not tested this or they simply have not bothered to update the article with changes that happened either by design or accident.