Date in Excel has to be typed in MM/DD/YY format to get it to display correctly as DD/MM/YY

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Excel changes my date in the cell when it I type it as  eg 10/3/23  (10th march  2023)
When I click out In the cell it automatcially changes to 03/10/23  (3rd October 2023) 

So I have to type the date in the opposite format so it will flip it to the correct date!!! 

I have had microsoft help "assisting" by having control of my computer but they did nothing after about 30 minutes. 

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@FullyFulwood Change the regional settings of your computer. It's probably set to use the US date system. Choose one that suits you. You can choose from many regional settings. I'm sure you'll find one for your own country. 

@Riny_van_Eekelen Thanks so much for taking the time to reply!!!
It worked. Can you believe that a microsoft expert couldnt think of that! 

I had the Country or region as Australia, but the Regional format was English (US) and should have been English (Australia)