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I'm working in Office 365.  I have an Excel file that collects data every 3 seconds so 20 entries per minute.  I only need data once per minute.  How can I filter out the other 19 entries per minute?

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I'm having trouble getting a graph on my powerpoint there is no chart option


Perhaps data in the sample file is already partly cleaned. For the raw data you may add helper column as


With that you need only rows where the second is equal to zero. How to remove it depends on how dynamic your data and which functionality of Excel do you use. In simplest manual way filter all but zero


select all rows till end of the range, Delete rows


clear filter




In general you may use Advanced Filter or Power Query to copy filtered data into another location or VBA to remove extra rows in place.

thank you very much!  This did exactly what I needed! @Sergei Baklan 

@LarryEl2210 , you are welcome, glad to help