Date formulae

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I need a formula or code to convert like for example Nov/wk3 into dates, either start date of week or end date
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It depends on for which year to calculate. And what do you consider as first week within month - with first Monday, first Sunday, just any day of the week or something else?

For current year say (2022, Nov/wk3) to return date?


Okay, thank you. But when wk1 starts, e.g. for May 2022 (1st of May is Sunday) ?

Ya the same may 1st week will be from 1st May to 7th may. As per calendar format


Perhaps that's for US, my calendar format shows


(week starts on Monday). I guess we may find the month where the 1st is Sat, thus in US calendar it'll be similar picture. It's desirably to have more formal logic what is considered as first week of the month. For above that could be start and end of the 1st week 01st of May, 2nd week starts on 02 and ends on 08. It could be another logic, e.g. exclude weekends, etc.