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I need the long list of dates on the right over the chart to begin in 2021, not 2017.  How can I change this please?

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Double-click any of the dates in the x-axis at the top.

Under Axis Options, tick the check box 'Values in reverse order'.



Thank you for your response. Is there a way to delete the prior dates? I don't want any dates prior to 2021 in there.
I need the date to start from01/01/2021 from the beginning of the chart and go to 12/31/2021


Enter 01/01/2021 in a cell (for example in another workbook).

Change the number format of that cell to General.

You'll see the number 44197. This is how Excel stores 01/01/2021 internally.

Do the same for 12/31/2021. The corresponding number is 44561

Now double-click an x-axis label again.

Under Axis Options, set Minimum to 44197 and press Enter.

Then set Maximum to 44561 and press Enter.

@Hans Vogelaar You are a genius! This worked, thank you so much!