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Dates shorter than or equal to 12 are right are left aligned.

When I am trying to change the format, it happens only for right aligned(Dates shorter than or equal to 12). Please have a look at the attached file. Please help me out !!

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I'd suggest select the column, Data->Text to Columns and on third step of the wizard select Date and MDY


Result is


Do that column by column

@Sergei Baklan Thank you Sir ! Thanks a lot......It's working. You made it so simple. Sir, I have one more doubt, Our system time format affects our excel date format ?

and now when I am trying to calculate the difference between the dates it's giving me a number. Why so ? Now all the dates are in same format. It should work ?

@Jagdeep_ , you are welcome.

Not sure I understood next question. If you calculate the difference between two dates (like =B1-A1) excel returns the difference in days (how many days are between), that's a number.

If you'd like to have the difference like "4 years 5 months 21 day"  you may use DATEDIF. It is described with the sample here


@Sergei Baklan

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Please find the attached.


I want all the same data in same row.


Waiting for your reply eagerly.