Date formating


Results from a query in Date column won't change format unless I physically go into the cell and press enter. So, other than pressing F2&Enter, how can I get the format to take on all cells in column?  I've tried many date formats on entire row and it's only working on some of the cells.  All are using the dash (-) between dd-mm-yyyy

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It looks like we speak not about formatting, but about converting texts which looks like dates in to dates (which are actually numbers in Excel).

You may select column with such texts, Data -> Text to Columns -> on third step of the wizard select Date type and DMY as source format ( or which one you have).

Thank you. Unfortunately, the report is delivered from outside source. I ended up splitting text to columns then concatenated the values, changed text to date and it worked.


Good to know you sorted this out. As a comment, most probably you don't need to split on columns, all could be done within one column.