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I need to have a list of days of week except Sunday and follow that in the next column by the corresponding day of week.......cannot figure out how to exclude Sundays from the weekdays....

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WEEKDAY function

This article describes the formula syntax and usage of the WEEKDAY  function in Microsoft Excel.


or a Examble with:


add days excluding weekends


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@Shopkins64 ,

enter the first date e.g. in cell A1 and put the following formula in the rows below:


The formula checks, if the day in the cell above is a Saturday (weekday = 7). If yes, it adds 2 days, otherwise just one day.

In the next column you can place a reference to column a and format it with custom cell format "DDDD" to get the name of the weekday.


Enter the start date in a cell, say in A2.

In the cell below (A3), enter the formula:


or, if you have a very old version of Excel:


Fill down from A3.


In the cell to the right of the start date (B2), enter the formula =A2 and format this cell with the custom format ddd for Mon, Tue etc., or dddd for Monday, Tuesday etc.

Fill down from B2.