Date format issue after Windows language change

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Dear all,


It seems that language change for Windows from German to French is causing an issue in my date format in Excel. See the attached Excel sheet. Date appears with , instead of . Cannot change it or get rid of it. Help on Google search did not return a result. 


Many thanks in advance for your assistance!


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Language and region settings in Office 365 can be set using PowerShell Set-MsolUser PreferredLanguage.

Details in the upper Link.


Additional Infos:

Excel Dates Displayed in Different Languages


Hope I was able to help you with this info.

@NikolinoDE thanks for your answer, however, this is not at all what I was looking for...


Please have a look to the attached Excel sheet. All of the sudden, new date entries are displayed with a "," although I am typing a ".".


In my opinion, this might be related to a recent change of Windows language from German to French.


It is clearly a bug in Excel... no way to find any instruction to correct this... quite annoying!!!


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