Date format for current month shows up differently when opened by few users

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Hi All,


We have a custom formula in a workbook to display month-year as "MMM-YYYY" format (Mar-2024) using formula TEXT(TODAY()-DAY(TODAY()),"MMM-YYYY"). But when this workbook is opened by few users, formula cell is display text like (3-2024) monthnumber-year format. What might be causing this and how can we fix this?




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That depends on regional format set on concrete machine for the OS (Windows)

Thanks for the response Sergei. Users are all located in same region, but it is happening only for few of them. Is there a place where we can check this?


On Window

Settings->Time&language->Language & region->Administrative language settings->Formats tab


What is here depends on what was selected during OS installation.

@Sergei Baklan - thanks for responding.


So would the OS date formats define or derive what gets displayed with this formula  "=TEXT(TODAY()-DAY(TODAY()),"MMM-YYYY")" even though we are trying to set the format as "MMM-YYYY"?


We want every user to have one format as "MMM-YYYY" ('Feb-2024').